Gestão Logística

Efficient logistics management with data capture

Companies with focus on logistics management (carriers, logistics operators, industries, e-commerces etc.) that want to stand out in the market and have customers satisfied, need a smart solution that guarantee efficiency in the supply chain flow.

Data capture technologies, which include mobile computers and management software, are the answer for those looking to reduce operating costs, integrate information between departments, improve management and retain customers.

In China, a 24-hour express delivery company needed to transform its logistics management in order to provide more efficient services for the majority of users.

The company has reached cooperation with Chainway to deploy C6000 smart handheld terminal for the final parcel distribution.


Coletor de dados Chainway C6000


  • As the number of parcels has increased, manual sorting is heavy-loaded and inefficient. And workers are easy to make mistakes.
  • Manual operation of the relevant shipping information takes a long time and makes mistakes due to handwriting or improper recognition.
  • Workers have no access to tracking the shipment of goods like the delivery time and delays etc., and unexpected events cannot be known and processed in time.
  • There is no reliable assessment basis for personnel management.
  • Customers are unable to have real-time logistics tracking information.
  • At the peak of the business, the accumulation of parcels is often caused.


With the use of barcode recognition technology, the intelligent operation of parcel receiving, sorting and distribution is realized. And the key information of each order from sorting, output of the warehouse to delivery is recorded and passed to the information management platform through wireless network. The administrator can obtain information and manage it in real time on the back-end system. Meanwhile, it provides logistics information for users.


  • Workers can easily cope with data collection with C6000 during peak business hours, improving work efficiency and customer service.
  • Real-time tracking of logistics information standardizes business processes and improves operational efficiency.
  • It achieves intelligent parcel sorting and delivery with enhanced work efficiency
  • It provides real-time tracking information, thus improves customer satisfaction.
  • It establishes a more complete logistics distribution network system, which comprehensively upgrades the corporate image and service level.

If you are looking for a management solution for your logistics, it is important to identify all business needs, how is the workflow today, how can it be improved and seek a reliable automation partner to design the best alternatives.